slane girl

We’ve all seen the pics. Whether we have meant to or not, our eyes have witnessed something most of us have done. Albeit, in private. But we’re all furious about it. Furious that someone has dared to upload such filth and furious that we’re not allowed to have an opinion on it.

Some of us are morally tutting from the sidelines. Because we’ve never called anybody a whore or a slut. We’ve never ever in our lives sniggered at a rumour about someone being caught in a compromising position.

I’ll be the first to say I have a past. Who hasn’t? I’m married to a man who didn’t father my child. Does that make me a whore? I’ve went out with a good few men. Is there a limit on how many men a woman can date before she’s known as a slut?

This fella, the neon one who is lording up the public pleasure, what about him? Should he not share the blame? No. Not at all. And he knows it. Boys in Ireland are legends for sowing their oats and girls are dirty and loose for accepting them. It’s just the way it is.  Public attitudes aren’t going to change any time soon. You don’t like it, move to the Geordie Shore house.

In Geordie Shore, MTV pays a group of men and women a substantial sum to get drunk, fight and fall out of nightclubs. They even pay them to have sex on camera. Ever notice those who don’t do any public sex acts are culled in the next series?

With quotes like “there’s always somewhere to get fingered”, “the only thing I’ve ever been good at is sucking cock” and “come on girls, the spunk is before you”, the youthful target audience is told that this is something they can aspire to. No wonder we’re experiencing this disgusting social experiment in real life.

The notion of Slane Girl being under age didn’t come into it until it went viral. Is she under age? The Gardai only say they are investigating. They didn’t say her parents made a complaint.

Editors are nervously tapping their pens in the hope that she is legally a child and anyone who shared the pictures is praying for her to be over seventeen.  And if she takes her life, it’s our fault.

Last week a barrister was hauled before the bar for cross examining a minor in a sexual abuse case. He said she enjoyed it, was responsible for it. But in the case of Slane Girl, she isn’t batting him away. Nobody is holding her down and forcing themselves down her throat. She is enjoying it.

Whatever has happened to this girl in her past could be manifesting itself now. Or maybe she had a happy childhood, free from predators – she just watched too much Geordie Shore and wanted to act the big girl. We won’t know until a charge is brought. Until then, we’ll keep being furious.

First published in Facebook Notes on August 19, 2013