dealers list

THE boys are back in town. Leafleting our homes with information we need to know.

Apparently we should be thankful to them for alerting us to these fifty four bad boys and one girl allegedly peddling drugs to our kids.

Lets examine this anonymous material. We’re told it’s been gathered from within the drugs trade. How can a person involved in this shady behaviour, also be a trusted source?

We can see the author knows how to bolden text, insert tables, merge cells and underline text. What they cannot do, is sort in alphabetical order and it gives the game away.

The first two names on the list are males. It’s known in Lenadoon that there’s been a vendetta against them from self appointed community representatives for years.

There’s a noticeable absence of dealers in Turf Lodge. There’s no way the one alleged dealer in Ait na Mona supplies the entire postcode. He would be a millionaire. Speaking of which, why are the big time dealers not on the list? They don’t all live in Loyalist estates.

Maybe the drug dealers in Turf Lodge know the value of paying protection money, to keep their names off such controversial documents.

Some of us dismissed it because it’s based on hearsay. Some of us are wondering why our unemployed Audi driving neighbour with the numerous visitors to his house – isn’t on it.

A lot of us are on tenter hooks, worried that the named persons will take their lives.

Many of us are grateful the information has been shared, we know which families to avoid to save our social credibility.

It’s opened a debate on good and bad drug dealers. Popular opinion being sellers of heroin, coke, magic, e’s and meth should be shot dead.

Staying quiet are the habitual cannabis smokers. Some piping up with ‘he only sells a wee bit of blow to his mates’ as if this is ok. We even have parents admitting to smoking it in the family home.

We know substance abuse is rife. And it’s not only illegal drugs contributing to the problem. Our medicine cabinets contain drugs not prescribed to us, but we still take them.

To understand the attraction of drugs, we need to have experienced it ourselves. Not many ‘e heads’ raising their hands to explain.

I could say I have had the best memories when I was on drugs, but I won’t. Looking back, I know I was in a bad place and looking for something to fill a void.

There’s many of us from republican backgrounds who dabbled, but we got away with it.  It’s clear that it’s still happening.

If this list is really true bill, the author needs to provide solid evidence. Until then, it’s just a piece of paper made by someone with a grudge.

First published here in August 27, 2013 : Facebook Notes