I’VE never wanted to be a blogger.  To me, bloggers were people with nothing else to do except photograph everything they’ve saw and then use fancy words to explain how it made them feel.

Bloggers to me, were journalists who couldn’t get a job in a news room.  So that is me then.  Maybe it’s because no newsroom is mad enough to have me, or maybe it’s because my strengths are in feature writing.  But then feature writing extends to advertorial.

Advertorial is a writers nightmare.  Flip sake, I’m even describing myself as a writer now.  I’m not a writer, I’m a talker.  The way I write is the way I talk.  Read these words but hear the voice of a broad west Belfast woman in your ear.

As I was saying, advertorial.  It makes you feel dirty after you’ve written it.  It’s like a lonely man telling a prostitute he loves her.  We know it’s not true, he just paid for her skills.   Advertorial and writing are the same.


So that’s why I’m now a blogger.  My words will only be subbed by a spell check.  I won’t have to worry about an editor telling me my views won’t go down well with local politicians or that the restaurant I just had a stinking dinner in, is a major shareholder in the company so I can’t risk the advertising space.

Yeah, I like the sound of this blogging business.

So reader (all eight of you, the other hits to the blog were just me looking at it from a search engine to see how it looked to the public)  I promise to tell the truth.  Everything you see here will be my observations of life, I’ll tell you how I see it.  And if you don’t like it, feel free to let me know.  Or if you do like it, pingback and tell me your thoughts.

I look forward to blogging with you.