Day: Thursday 9th & Friday 10th January 2014

Time: 9.30am – 8pm Thursday

& 9.30am – 4pm Friday

Venue: The Culturlann

This is an important event for anyone that travels in West Belfast.  Whether you use your own personal car, cycle, black taxi or bus it – this will be of interest to you.  The Rapid Transit System will be a permanent fixture on ‘the road’ and will change our daily commute.

Proposed route (PDF Download)

These ‘halts’ will pop up in your estates.

rts halt

If successful, on street parking will no longer be allowed – which is good news for anyone stuck behind a delivery lorry or a doctors car blocking the bus lane outside The Royal during rush hour.

The Department of Regional Development will be making use of the old ‘bendy buses’ nobody liked getting on.  But judging by the pictures, they’ve had an upgrade and will be similar to The Luas ( tram thingy in Dublin that cars crash into everyday).

It’s good news for anyone with a pram or mobility scooter due to its wider space inside.  It’s also good news for anyone who wants to travel from West to East Belfast and vice versa.

The timetables will be planned to accommodate commuter lifestyles.  They will also coincide with concert and sporting events.

City Centre revellers will be able to go into town dolled up to the nines instead of ringing a private, as the Rapid Transit System will be on late at night at weekends.

RTS inside