ST JAMES’ residents have this evening, been hailed as heroes after capturing an alleged ‘flasher’ and tying him to a lampost with a placard.

This type of street punishment has been non existent for nearly two decades.

The man holding the placard is alleged to have masturbated at children and exposed his genitals in the St James’ area. Very soon after the public shaming, a PSNI helicopter hovered above and the man was taken away in a police landrover.

St James’ is a tight knit nationalist community situated off the Falls Road. It links onto the Bog Meadows, a beauty spot that hit the headlines this year because it is known as a ‘dogging site’ in Belfast. The gang calling themselves IBA (I’d Buck Anything) also frequent the Bog Meadows. They have links to the DHLA. The Bog Meadows is used as a drinking and drug taking den for both groups.

It is not known if tonight’s development is being sent as a warning to the IBA to cease their anti social activities.

The photographs published by Joe McCloskey from Derry have went viral across the social networks. Many parents rely on updates from McCloskey because of his fearless attitude in keeping children safe from predators.


The alleged pervert has not been identified as being from West Belfast. However, some names are being put into the public domain as to who he is.



A witness has come forward to tell why the man was bound to a lampost


Two people disagree with this type of punishment



Some approve of what has been done to the man


While others have offered more sinister methods of punishment



Public opinion appears to be in favour, although no statements have been made by elected representatives to condemn the action.