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Vixens With Convictions!

In tonight’s blog, Belfast based freelance journalist Áine Carson gives us a taste of just what Valentine’s Day means to her.

ROSES are red

violets are blue

you’re an aul bastard

                                        and I hate you!Image

TODAY’S the day, commercialism tells us we should be waking up with hearts in our eyes and a burning desire for our partner. Our lovers should be up at dawn making breakfast and sprinkling rose petals around the house.

The partner is always male for some reason. Why is Valentine’s day rarely targeted towards lesbian couples for example- are they exempt from romance?

 It’s all boke inducing rubbish and the sooner it ends, the better.

Women who receive flower deliveries to the office are more to be pitied than envied. Nothing screams out “I’m insecure”…

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