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Vixens With Convictions!



WHEN you’re of the nosey persuasion, you tend to get invited to things.  I have a mate who pokes her nose into everything.  She brings me with her and I write about it.  Sometimes people tell her to bring a different plus one.

This week we boarded one of Translink’s finest number 20 buses to Stormont.  Coming from Turf Lodge, this was a day out for us and we chatted like two Primary school kids going to the zoo.

Strolling up the big hill, we took in the scenery, the middle class dog walkers and our right to also enjoy this beautiful public property.  I thought about bringing my own wee beagle terrier for a run out, he would love it.  But he too is excitable in new places.  He’d probably be treated like a Shinner in Carson’s gaff – allowed to be…

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