Loved this piece by Jayne Olurunda. Mainly because her observations speak for me. I however have approached my nasty men messages like a shinner with a power hose “If the public didn’t see it, then it didn’t exist”. It works a charm. So if you’re ever wondering why none of your hatemail is published, it’s been confined to the land of spam with all the other kack the public doesn’t see. Sorry.. (not sorry)

Vixens With Convictions!


I have always been a bit dubious about twitter. By all accounts twitter could be a vicious place so with that in mind I tended to stay clear. Eventually though I became a little bolder and braved the twitter world.I’m no saint but I believe there is a time and a place for everything and that twitter isn’t always the best platform for self-expression. Sometweetershave taken their opinions too far, they forget that even cyber space has its limitations. Justifiably then, they found themselves on the wrong side of the law. But even those who remain on the right side of the law can take tweeting a tad too far.

I am not talking about trolls here for they are all too obvious, instead I am talking about those who inhabit that vague spacebetween expressing their opinions…

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