TOMMY McManus from Turf Lodge has been identified by a number of sources for extorting money from pensioners.

The sicko has been released by the PSNI after he was reported to have used the memory cards of dead children to peddle a series of made up stories in exchange for cash.

People in Whiterock smelled a rat when he called to their doors two weeks ago with the photograph of a baby girl and said he was collecting money for her family to ‘do up the child’s grave’. 

He is alleged to have told them that he was a relative of the baby girl who died after being born without lungs.



One woman recognised the surname of the deceased child and contacted community representatives about the matter.  The grieving family of the baby confronted him and told him to stop and hand himself into the police before they did.

It is understood that McManus went to the police to admit guilt and was let go.

However on Tuesday night, Tommy McManus called to the door of a woman in Turf Lodge.  He showed her a photograph of a little boy and told her he was fundraising for an operation because the boy ‘needed to have his legs amputated.’

The woman’s son happened to be in the house and went out to see what McManus wanted.  The man didn’t believe the story and took a photograph (above) of McManus and asked for his identity through social media channels.




*The man has since denied taking the picture and said he shared it from someone else.

After seeing the photograph of Tommy McManus, residents in New Barnsley have came forward to say he has been in their area asking for money for a child suffering from leukaemia.


If this man comes to your door, do not give him any money. Phone the PSNI on 101.