Jun Tzu – Born in Belfast [Official Video]: http://youtu.be/MVC9iRRF05M

I came across this earlier on. It was shared by one of my mates.

The video itself is interesting – it’s got all our landmarks and places of interest.

What I like most about this guy whose name I struggle to pronounce – is that he does not rap with a phoney American accent.

It reminds me of the time I drove through Detroit in 2000 listening to Eminem and my home sickness faded a bit. Belfast and Detroit are similar with poverty, lawlessness and pissed off people turning their aggression to music.

This fella had some balls on him, he has been hailed as shite and amazing at the same time. But you can’t please everybody. Haters will hate and lovers will love.

I like him.  So does YouTube by the looks of it.