SUMMER has flown in. Today at 7:30am I had to go and wake your woman at what seemed like the middle of the night. Our brilliant plan of setting the alarm early for two weeks leading up to the new term didn’t materialise.

Carson’s are not morning people and are notorious sleeper inner’s. We love a good kip and would nod off on a washing line.  We are an unreliable species.  On the off chance that we are early – it is likely that we’ve forgot to bring something.  Therefore – school days are a nightmare.

From granny, mummy to daughter – the third generation late coming brown bomber is now in her second year.  With a fresh promise to get up early every day and bring everything needed.

She’s hoping two of her teachers have died in mysterious accidents during the summer and is looking forward to seeing the majority of them again. She tells me she has to do another language this year and can see it far enough.

We once had a discussion about school in the future.  She said she would love to be able to lie in bed and get her brain injected with knowledge every morning – so she doesn’t have to go to school.  Mad.  But expected – she is my daughter.    

We talked about which subjects turn out to be useless in the real world and came to the conclusion that Religion, Music and some European languages weren’t as important as English, Maths and Science. You aren’t supposed to talk Church in the workplace and unless you’re working as an interpreter – An Cúpla Focal can mean bugger all to some.

Whether destined for a trade or a job needing a degree – we all need the same foundation skills which include impeccable punctuality.

I told her that in all my working life – I’ve never been asked to recite my Hail Mary in Italian or play the glockenspiel at any job interview. If you have – I am eager to know which career path you have chosen.

Some secondary schools are asking parents to buy iPads and tablets to replace textbooks – schoolbags are sure to be lighter.  The thought of having every book on a memory chip is music to our ears.

It will only be a matter of time before exercise books and stationery is also done away with. The positives being – our kids can stop walking around school like Quasimodo. Sometimes your woman goes out the door with a backpack the weight of a breeze block, her lunch box and PE gear. And if this isn’t enough to hump up and down the Whiterock – she adds a guitar to the load.

The tablet use has reared debate from the woe is me crowd. They aren’t moaning because important skills like handwriting and spelling are in jeopardy but some parents are saying they can’t afford digital devices for school use. But they will surely pull out all the stops at Christmas time buying expensive games consoles for their hermits bedrooms.

I’m all for IT skills being used in every lesson. Because it will be a rare career in the future where computers are not used.

There are lazy parents like me and there are lazy parents like this man describes:


I thought I was outspoken. He takes the biscuit but does have a point.

Every September I take a picture of her standing in her new uniform, give her a kiss and wave her off. I promise to be a better parent and have everything sitting out from the night before – to get dressed when she does and stay awake for the rest of the day.  This year was no exception.

Then at 8.15am I breathed a sigh of relief as she went off to meet her chum and I resumed my favourite past time – sleeping…