EDIT: Not content with raping our iTunes accounts with his annoying as fuck voice, Bono’s people have made some films available on the U2 website for a short time only.  To see the controversial Beechmount one – click here after 4pm on 10/12/14 and watch Stereogum ‘The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) by Oliver Jeffers’.  Most likely the timing is a ploy to make everyone try and watch it, then the site crashes and then U2 can claim the victory of breaking the internet.  Luckily for me, I have some paint drying and need to watch it instead.


THERE’s a little known fact that not many people know about me.

When I was a foetus incubating in my mother’s womb, my parents were thinking of naming me Kevin if I was a boy and Miriam if I was a girl. Kevin was after my Daddy, Granda and Uncle and Miriam was after an Andersonstown mother who was shot dead in her home.

Now, I have to say I was relieved to hear my great Granny Mary Cregan stepped in and demanded I be called Aine after the apparent Queen of the Fairies in Munster. Aine sounded better because Miriam is not the most street wise name for a wee soon to be hardcore raver. Giving mentions on walls would have looked like

mention on the wall image for blog

It would just be weird.

Image used with grateful thanks to Sean Patrick Allen
Image used with grateful thanks to Sean Patrick Allen


As the years went on I would have passed the mural in Oakman Street. It featured Miriam Daly – your woman I was supposed to be named after. The image didn’t mean much to me but the quote was soundbite material. I researched her and thought – yeah she was alright. She was smart and looked like she took no shit.

I thought no more of it until recently. This week she was painted over and some wired to the moon type thingy ma bob put in its place with some U2 lyrics.

A well known fact about me is, I can’t stand Bono. Bono the tax dodging hypocritical lecturing boring pro Brit shitebag replacing one of the most influential women in our history rattled my cage and I was pissed off.

The catchy and thought provoking

“History is written by the winner”

Has now become

“I can’t change the world but I can change the world in me”

What message is this sending out to the next generation?

The very foundations of Falls Road people are that they are feisty and can change anything if they stick together. This tells them that they have to accept what they can’t change and that includes living in poverty – being taxed to the hilt while others live in luxury and avail of elitist loopholes. It’s the very opposite to what Miriam Daly stood for.

It shouldn’t matter that she was an INLA supporter. Patsy O’Hara, Kevin Lynch and Mickey Devine were INLA Hunger Strikers – should they be taken off the iconic H pictures because the message they promoted doesn’t fit today’s narrative?

It shouldn’t matter that Miriam Daly didn’t believe in conflict transformation. There are a lot of people who said things in the 80s and have changed their tune. She was a respected academic and a brave woman who made West Belfast her home. The location of that mural – round the corner from St Mary’s University College was the ideal place for it.

What the hell has a man with a globe on his head, an old fashioned radio and a plug got to do with the history of West Belfast?

What contribution did Bono ever make to the people of Beechmount and Springfield?


Bono and Gates

*Update on the mural is that it is for an animated film and has been painted in such a way as to give a 3D effect.  Link to the film will be attached here when it’s finished.