The above is a frequent response from the classic Shinnerbot.

In the world of the Shinnerbot – they see politics as either black or white. A bit like sheep. But don’t say that to their faces. They get angry and they will attempt to butt you with their horns.

No matter whom you are or how educated you are – asking awkward questions that hint towards hypocrisy is always frowned upon.

When the Shinnerbot needs rebooted and they are unable to answer your question – they will turn the tables on you and accuse you of having ‘awwn agenda’. They will accuse you of setting out to denigrate their beloved party.

To make them look like they approve of democracy – the Shinnerbot will make friends with non bots. But they don’t want to be real friends. They want to keep an eye on them, to gather information and see what their agenda is.

When a non bot uses their freedom of speech powers to question SF, the Shinnerbot alarm will go off.

Just like a Transformer – the bot develops laser eyes and lightening finger tips.  Their intention is to protect the interests of the party. They will prattle away on the keyboard until the break of dawn, or until all the other Shinnerbots join in. They support each other by Liking or RTing each other’s comments and it gives them fuel to keep going.


When not clapping wildly at press conferences, the Shinnerbot lurks on social media and news station comment boards.

They come in many guises and usernames. You can spot them by the content of their timelines. If 90% of their timeline is SF related – you have stumbled upon a Shinnerbot. Like a nasty virus, it clings to other bots to strengthen its argument as soon as the alarm goes off.

In a way, they are digitally banging binlids. All units to the hashtag, the Shinner bots will arrive in their droves to hound on anything threatening to take their mothership down.


There are no graces or conscience with the Shinnerbot. Information will be stored in its memory for release at any time.  The non bot’s personal life is fair game to broadcast. All because they dared to take Gerry’s name in vain.

Shinnerbots have chameleon like qualities.  They have a remarkably human appearance and can fool strangers.  They sit on their settees with phones in hand, in private message conversations –  scheming of ways to deflect attention from the latest scandal.

Without question, the Shinnerbot will share any information that appears to support the party. Then when the leadership condemns the information, the Shinnerbot erases it from their memory and pretends they didn’t share it. And if you ask them where it went to – they’ll ask you what your agenda is.