I think I might know the girl with the camera. She’s a friend of mine. I’ll forward your blog to her.

Run-On Sentences

It turns out I was meant to miss my train because something interesting happened as I was about attempt at a trip to Belfast for the second time today.  A group of about 30 or so people, mostly men, walked into the station and parked themselves in front of the platform.  They were holding posters, banners and placards with slogans which all had to do with women’s rights.  “End the Shame” said one. “Give women the right to choose,” said another.   People were also handing out pamphlets which said something about repealing amendment 8. * I had heard a snippet on the radio that morning about women from Dublin taking a train to Belfast to make a statement.  Apparently they went to Northern Ireland, which as we know is part of the United Kingdom, to purchase a version an abortion pill.  The plan was then to return to Dublin, and…

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