Last night, Belfast City Councillors were treated to a presentation by Greenwich Leisure Limited.

Last month the not for profit company placed this add for a Human Resources partner in the Belfast Telegraph.

£45,000 for reviewing contracts isn’t a bad job if you can get it. 

But having your permanent full time contract reduced to an ‘as and when required zero hours contract’ will be a worrying time for those employees with mortgages and rent to pay.

Leisure provision as you know it will change forever. 

Keep an eye on the costs of your usual classes or swim sessions and whether or not you can still use Boost. If it does have a negative financial impact – remember that at voting time.

Sinn Fein has opposed out sourcing since the motion was proposed.

People Before Profit have only been elected so they couldn’t have a say until it was too late.

All the other local government parties have been responsible for this privatisation.