Pic credit: Casementpark.ie
Pic credit: Casementpark.ie


SO the residents have had their day in court and came out victorious. Good for them. It must be great being able to self-finance a legal challenge so that a major construction project goes on hold for another year.

A lot of talk in West Belfast this week may just be tittle tattle but people are saying the residents around Owenvarragh and Mooreland were offered £15,000 per household and turned it down. Then they were offered £20,000 and still knocked it back. Presumably holding out for even bigger bucks. The buck stopped and now they have nothing except a court order and four thousand labourers on the dole for another while.

Image credit: cerealkillercafe.co.uk
Image credit: cerealkillercafe.co.uk

Cereal Killer Cafe

The bearded Belfast boys were all over the news this week for daring to usher a Channel 4 reporter away from their London eatery. The reporter challenged the cost of a bowl of cereal and one of the bearded hipsters got a bit arsey about it and stopped the interview. It resulted in Channel 4 telling all the other media outlets about it and then beardy one of two winning all the internet points with this open letter.

Christmas Dinners

Sunday morning on Facebook was good craic. My taxi driver mates discussing their night rider fares were referring to Belfast City Centre as ‘Wabville’ because of the sheer amount of numb nuts out on their Christmas do’s.

Personally I don’t do work Christmas dinners anymore. It’s fake and only encourages people who can’t handle their drink to go out and annoy everyone.

Food banks

I’ve already written about my experience of volunteering in a food bank but seeing as it’s trendy now because some posh Baroness woman said ‘poor people use food banks because they don’t know how to cook’.  But I have to agree and have already outlined my reasons in this article. We have more money than we used to but old traditional meals are not being cooked anymore.  Although the Tories are a shower of shites – there comes a time when we have to stop blaming them and help ourselves work with what we’ve got.



It seems you can’t move in Belfast City Centre for seasonal do-gooders out looking to feed homeless people. I don’t know what it is about the month of December – why do people only wait until then to take notice of the have nots? The past two weeks, a number of micro groups from both sides of the divide are in competition with each other to earn a bit of karma. Why can’t they join together and campaign for more homeless hostels – ones that allow animals and provide onsite educational facilities?

Image credit: Belfast Telegraph
Image credit: Belfast Telegraph

Jeremy Paxman

Alright, it happened weeks ago but it’s still relevant. He said: If you ever wonder what happens to your taxes, I recommend a visit to Northern
Ireland”.   And it’s true. When you compare Belfast to crumbling seaside towns like Blackpool – you really see that the working class English are losing out. No wonder they hate us.


Mairia Cahill

“Graffitti on the walls says you’re boring you’re boring” – but she isn’t really. The same treatment was dished out to the McCartney’s when they were being a pain in the ass to the establishment too.

My favourite quote from one of the Dalai Llama’s is “If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito”. The McCartney’s and Cahill have infected the old guard with malaria and until they get some sort of treatment from their sickness – they’ll be rotting away from within.

Image credit: Perez Hilton
Image credit: Perez Hilton

Sinead O’Connor

I have to admit I did cackle when I heard Sinead applied to join Sinn Fein with the sole ambition of telling the current leaders to fack aff. As a singer, she is amazing but then again she is very good at publicity stunts. She might make a good press officer, her application is probably on hold until they can find enough duct tape for her gub.