Divis Community Support Team

A group of residents has promised to take back the streets in and around Divis.  They appear to have lost faith in statutory bodies and community workers who are paid to manage the problems in the area.

Image credit: Divis Community Support Team

Beginning with the eviction of the so called Divis Hoods Liberation Army from a block of flats, the residents have painted out obscene graffiti and fitted the previously unsecured doors with new locks.

Image credit: Divis Community Support Team
Image credit: Divis Community Support Team

Since Monday, the voluntary run group made up of mainly young men and boys has delivered 1,600 leaflets to households.  The leaflet introduces the group and tells the sick or disabled to phone either of two mobile numbers if they have any problems during the Christmas period.

The Kelstar

IS a chip shop that started off on the Shaws Road and was known for its massive fish suppers. It was the only fish and chip shop in Lenadoon and Upper Andersonstown.

In 2008, the landlord of the row of shops they were set in, told the owners to find alternative premises.

planning request was lodged by a company calling itself ‘Hillhead Developments’.  It wanted to knock down the dilapidated row and build apartments, office space and retail units.

The Kelstar owners did not want to leave and issued posters and leaflets telling the public that they were being forced out and made allegations that the landlord wanted rid of them so he could open his own chip shop instead.

The owners of The Kelstar begrudgingly left their Shaws Road shop of more than thirty years and opened a premises on the Andersonstown Road, then one next door to the Laurel Leaf on the Falls.

As predicted by them, their old premises on the Shaws Road is now a chip shop belonging to someone else and the luxury apartments plan is up in the air.

The reason they are being given hero status, is this here:

Kelstar image

So, if you know someone in need – let them know about this kind gesture.
And if you fancy a munch – here’s their phone numbers
Kelstar Andersonstown 02890 626949
Kelstar Falls Road 02890 249600


The West

The Committee of the West Belfast Social Club has earned a lot of respect this week.

The club has recently expanded its restaurant to meet demand and has a tasty three course Christmas menu on offer.

The thoughtful men who run the club have donated their Christmas Dinner vouchers to families staying in the local Clic Sargent house.

Clic Sargent is a charity supporting families whose child undergoing treatment for cancer. They have a house on the Falls Road where families from outside Belfast can stay and be closer to their children being treated in the nearby Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children.

So, as one good deed deserves another, give The West your custom. Ring this number 02890 248769 to book a table or a function.



At 7.30pm on 08.12.14, this out of control car caused damage to a number of parked cars in Britton’s Parade, just off the Whiterock Road.

The car is said to belong to the driver’s father.  The family have said they are very embarrassed about the incident and have offered to pay for any damage.

This guy, Mackers is alleged to have been a passenger in this car.  He says he was visited by paramilitaries and took to his social media page to deny the accusations and threaten to ‘park cars in living rooms’.  On his Facebook page, he frequently cites the reference ‘uppa dogs’ (Up The Dogs), the nickname given to people from Whiterock who apparently eat dogs.


Goaded by a friend, he is encouraged to ‘get a knife out’.



Enjoying his notoriety, Mackers is on friendly terms with the PSNI


On Thursday night, he was standing in the back of a pizza takeaway on the Falls Road when masked men shot him twice in the leg.


Thanking his friends for their kind comments, Mackers explains how it happened.



To send him your warmest wishes, you can contact him on the link above.