Here’s what else I’ve been up to

I watched this video and was delighted to see my Great Uncle Hugh Cregan in it.  He’s such a funny and thoughtful man.  It’s a great film about the history of Turf Lodge.  It’s over an hour long and worth every second.  Grab a cup of tea and enjoy.


This image was captured from last weeks Sunday Life and it caused a massive shit storm on Facebook.  I’m a dead woman apparently.  I was only drawing attention to something that was already in the public domain.  It’s seems that some families were ashamed and wanted it taken down.  It’s still there and has been screen-shotted and shared quite a bit.

Article is by Ciaran Barnes



The aul boy and myself headed up to Derry and Donegal for my birthday.  I’ve reached a rather boring 34 years of age and we decided to head off on a romantic getaway to look into each others eyes and all the rest of it.

He got us one of them wee Groupon doofer dangers.  Honestly, you will not get a better deal than this for a weekend away.

The staff in this B&B are brilliant.  It’s spotlessly clean.  Towels are replenished and beds are made everyday.  The owner is a lovely fella.  He made a point of talking to every single person in the place and including everyone in the weekly pool competition.

There’s a guy called Niall O’Connor who sings in the bar and he was really good.  He sang a whole load of different songs from Ed Sheeran to The Town I Loved So Well.

The bar prices are very reasonable and it’s an open house.  They give you a tin of mineral instead of a tiny bottle for whatever mixer you’re having.

For £99 between us we got:

2 x nights accommodation

2 x cooked breakfasts with tea/coffee and fresh orange juice

2 x evening meals (starters and mains)

To make things even better, the fuel in the nearby garage is down to 90p per litre.

I should like to include that I have not been paid for this review.  It’s a genuine bargain and excellent deal.