Remember that Belfast Rapid Transit meeting I told you all to go to?

No, will this link refresh your memory?

Still no?  How about this

I couldn’t help but let out a wee titter when reading this week’s Andytown News.  As I predicted in January 2014 – those who didn’t attend the meeting will be doing the most whinging.

The owner of The Beehive Bar says he wasn’t informed of any road works starting outside his premises.  Nice wee picture of he and two others standing there, moaning about the amount of footpath that’s going to disappear, expressing concern for small children in prams and the disabled. 

But the concern for local children was exempt last week when his staff let loud revellers leave through the bar’s Brighton Street exit in the early hours of the morning.

He apparently didn’t see the public notice in all the papers, inviting interested persons to The Cultúrlann for their thoughts.

For strangers to the Falls Road – let me show you on this map how far apart The Beehive Bar and The Cultúrlann are.  Both buildings are literally feet apart.  But the owner was oblivious to it.


The owner and architect Declan Hill want the speed limit on the road reduced because they feel the shortened path will be a danger to the public. 

Black Taxis

The chaos of the Black Taxi stop at Springfield Corner has entered another day.

There are DRD signs up telling pedestrians to use the pavement across the road – but that is no use to anyone wanting a black taxi going up the road.  

Instead we have school kids and hospital workers queing in the junction facing oncoming traffic from three different directions.  Then we have black taxis pulling up and loading.  It’s madness and an accident waiting to happen.

Even though the management of the West Belfast Taxi Association knew this work was going to be happening – they failed to come up with alternative arrangements for pick up.

How about businesses start paying attention to public announcements and the public start accepting that their domain is the footpath?