Bumbles of Rice

As an expectant parent there are things you’re ready for. You’ve the shopping done (I hope you used my list of things to get ). You’ve the freezer full, the nappies bought, the muslin clothes at the ready.


You’ll have heard the anecdotes about sleeping when the baby sleeps, and heard the jibes about the lack of sleep to come. (Sorry, I wrote about that too- here)

You may have done this before and be welcoming a sibling for your older children, or it may be your first time to hold a newborn in the delivery room or theatre.

There are things that other people don’t talk about or don’t tell you. It’s not out of badness, it’s possibly out of the instinctive need to guarantee the preservation of the species, or maybe because they don’t want to appear negative. But like the propaganda my husband and I joked…

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