TO quote one of my favourite P!nk songs, I’m not dead – I’m just floating.

I’ve decided to take stock of my life and will return to writing when things are different. The plan is to get off my hole and get out more to experience new things.

So, rather than sit around moaning like a bitch – youngcarson has booked a holiday to every Irish person’s Mecca (Santa Ponsa), started driving lessons, left social media for a few months and started practising mindfulness.

The same shit different day nonsense was doing my box in, so here I am letting you know where I am. You can call off the search party now. I’m just at home or at work and focusing on family life – trying to be a better wife and mother. Not that I’ve done anything to jeopardise that, I just want to spend more time with him, her and the dog. We’ve all taken each other for granted and it’s time to regroup and appreciate each other’s roles.

Without sounding like Snoop Dogg, I’ll be back when this seven day funk clears off.

Keep well muckers!

Over and out