I hate this blog, it gets me into more trouble than enough but it’s an addictive form of self sabotage that I know has rendered me unemployable and mentally unstable.

But rather than unpublishing everything that’s been written, I refuse to bow out with my tail between my legs. I’ll probably just keep writing until I really do end up with an angry crowd outside my house and then I’ll stop issuing my digitally unsolicited opinions for a few weeks until it dies down again.

The problem with bloggers is that they can say anything they want, when they want and it’s gone out to the world whether its true or false. It can spread like wildfire and be deleted in an instant.

The problem with the general public is that they love bad news. The biggest hits to this blog involve dead bodies, paedophiles and drugs. smug

Society is rotten, and we bloggers are akin to blue bottles on freshly squeezed dog shit.

We have an arrogant self confidence. We self promote and say “this is what I think and I dont give a fuck if you don’t agree”.

We’re self-righteous and opinionated. Feminist bloggers are the worst for this. Especially those with a vocabulary that would make Sean Ryder seem like a wallflower.

Professional journalists dislike us because we have the ability to report events as they happen.

Who needs to wait on a PSNI spokesperson quote when there’s pictures and video from the scene?

News websites like thejournal.ie and Belfast Live have caught onto reporting free immediate news as it happens and it’s eating into the pay packets of newspaper writers.

To keep up with the times, they need to add digital journalism to their skills or else their scoop is old news by the time it hits the press. And nobody likes old news.