BEING a non driver, youngcarson spends a lot of time in black taxis.  Buses not so much.  See other blog post.  I’ve already written about the etiquette in which we westies adhere to and it was agreed by quite a few of you.

We might not realise it but one has come to the conclusion that compared to the rest of the world, we are lucky bastards.

In the winter, the combined body heat of a full taxi keeps us warm without obviously snuggling up to strangers.  In the summer, all the windows down with Johnny Hero on u105 blasting the whole way home from work can be nice.

Fair do’s, it’s a bit cheeky for a larger person to sit on the settee bit and take up one and a half seats – but at least we don’t have to put up with any of these rockets.

See below.


Wearing your Ma’s pashmina, taking up three seats and typing on wee bits of paper would never be tolerated.  Neither would engaging in an ultimate hipster competition.
hipster.jpg  ultimate hipster.jpg

Filth mongers

It is not very often that travellers complain of dirtbirds.  Black taxis are thankfully pervert free.

w.jpg  boner.jpg nips.jpg


No you can’t bring a fucking pitbull into the back, even if it’s in a bag.  And no, you can’t bring a bear either.  Even if you have a wee stick to control him.

pitbull.jpg       bear.jpg


The selfie guy’s expression is funnier



Dressing as a big massive penguin and playing the drums in the back of a black hack would be frowned upon.



Unless you want punched, clipping your toe nails or putting your dirty bare kebs up on the seat will ensure a kicking from fellow passengers.

toenails.jpg   kebs.jpg


Wearing your sister’s dress and dying with a hangover will invite strange looks but lying down like your woman here is a serious black taxi comfort faux pas.

dude in a dress.jpg  sprawl.jpg

**All images supplied by Redditors