LIKE I said in one of my earlier posts, I’ve been taking time out to do some mindfulness and spend more time with my family.

The mindfulness is not going so well. It’s very hard to meditate and completely clear my head. I don’t know if it’s coffee related or just that my street is noisy with barking dogs (my own), scramblers, quads and kids.

I have some problems with mindfulness in general. Part of me thinks it’s a big conspiracy to save the health service some money. It is after all a free therapy carried out alone and without the aid of a GP slot or expensive anti depressant.

Telling people they can meditate their worries away is both insulting and a cop out of the trauma left behind from The Troubles.

Although I do think it has helped me pick my battles.  I no longer reach for a hurl when pissed off.  I sit back and breathe, letting the offender get their comeuppance.


I do believe that Facebook contributed to my head melting though. I was fed up with sly digs carried on from secondary school. I mean, we’re women in our thirties – should we really still be harbouring ill feeling because that time someone was slegged about their hair in science?

Facebook was a good laugh but outweighed by all the rent-a-mourners feeding off sad stories of suicide and domestic assaults.  Then all the lurkers who come off with the usual “ack I’m never on it” crap but can recite your entire upload history.

The only pages I miss are Spide Pride, LAD, the non Sectarian Northern Ireland one and Shankill Buy and Sell (the bad one, not the good one). They really made me laugh. I like to laugh, despite what my face says.

To get out of the house; moi, the skinhead and The Emo (that’s your woman’s name from now on) have been going out on wee family walks in the evening. When the sun is out, it makes it better. It helps us bond and talk shit like families are meant to do.

I think families spend less time together these days. There are more technological distractions, dinners aren’t ate at the table as much and it’s easy to have a TV in every room instead of fighting over the remote. We were turning into house mates instead of a family.

People I’ve spoken to who’ve lost a spouse or a child; always say they regret not spending more time with them. That’s my greatest fear. So everything else can go and shite. My priorities are at home and being the best parent and wife I can be. It’s going to be tough because teenagers and Spurs supporters talk a load of cack and I’m just going to have to suck it up. They aren’t fans of this blog so I’m going to back stab them here.

The next couple of posts are going to be photos I have taken on our danders.