A lot of hits to this blog are from people wondering what the fuck it is we’re talking about. If it’s not Irish or Ulster Scats, it’s slang or acronym that we’re all fluent in.

So to help the tourists who’ve came here for the delights of Orangefest and Féile, here’s a heads up on our graffiti and gang culture.



This new group appears then disappears depending on whose turn it is to whack in for the spray can.  AAD stands for Action Against Drugs.  It does not and I repeat does not stand for Action Against Dictionaries.  Despite what their messages try to say.


All Cops Are Bastards


All Huns Are Targets.  Targets for what exactly is unknown.  Protestants being beaten in Catholic areas is largely unheard of.  Catholics being beaten in Catholic areas is rife though.  Not for religious reasons, more so for ‘slabberin’ or ‘startin’.

All Taigs Are Targets. If you’re a taig, you will be recognised by your eyebrows. They will be too close together and probably ginger. Watch yourself.


Bawnmore Zulus. Some young catholics formed their own gang to fight strangers who’d come into their small enclave off the Shore Road. Not even the milkman is safe.

Ballysillan Blurt Busters. Doesn’t need explained.

Ballymurphy Rugrats
Nickname given to a group of house breakers, thieves and hijackers from Ballymurphy. They started off as small kids hence the term Rugrats. At the ripe old age of 36, most of them are grandparents now and not as nimble getting through windows.

Beechmount Reaction Force. Possibly a novelty gang name made up by two wee lads on the beak from Corpus, under the influence of fuckits.

Continuity Irish Republican Army. Also known as The Conto’s or wannabe’s depending on which bar you’re drinking in.

Clonard Reaction Force. The only time there’s been a scrap in Clonard is when some Novena bastard parked across someone’s driveway. You’ve nothing to fear from this gang.

Divis Hoods Liberation Army. To join the gang, you must be third generation reprobate. Their AGM is usually held in the mess hall of HMP Maghaberry.

Falla Balla
Faugh a Ballagh. ‘Clear the way’ the war cry of the Royal Irish Rangers but spelt phonetically because it’s in Irish and the RIR supporters will spontaneously combust if forced to speak the language.


This is not the type of FAP we internet savvy people are more familiar with.  This stands for Fuck All Paramilitaries.  This acronym unites rats of all hues in housing estates throughout Northern Ireland.

For God And Ulster. Commonly sprayed in protestant neighbourhoods and tattooed on scary women who are adverse to getting their roots done.

Fuck The Hoods. This is more of a retro piece of graffitti left on the walls for nostalgia. Those who previously scrawled it are now living it up on Stormont wages and living in a fancy house far far away from said graffitti.

Fuck The Oglaigh na hEireann. Usually spray painted by someone who has been shot for not paying protection money.


Fuck The PSNI.  An easy way for the police to identify potential criminals is to search for this acronym on social media.  Do it yourself and have a laugh at all the moronic profiles.

God Save The Queen. Said by people the Queen of England gives zero fucks about.

I Buck Anything. Man woman or beast beware. They mean business.

Kill All Huns. If you’re a descendant of Attila, you’d be best not telling anyone about it.

Kill All Taigs. If you’re a taig and discovered loitering around a bonfire site, you’ll be impaled on it and given the Wicker Man treatment.

Poleglass Liberation Army. They wanted to have their own hood grouping similar to the DHLA but didn’t think it through properly.

Tiocfaidh ár lá. Our Day Will Come. Usually the only bit of Irish a drunk person knows.

Turf Lodge Hoods. Hoods from Turf Lodge. Simple name, simple brain structure.

Quis Separabit. Latin for ‘no one shall separate us’. Which is odd because there’s a massive wall separating us.

This is the newer version of Up The Hoods. They wear baseball type hats now a la Beyonce.

Up The Ra but slurred drunkenly. Old saying that’s brought out once a year at the annual Wolfetones Concert. Or in the early hours of the morning in the rock streets after Rebel Sunday. Shitey cocaine off a wheely bin is an optional accompaniment.


Up The Dogs. Refers to Ballymurphy Dog Eaters who frequent the locally named ‘Giant’s Foot’. This new gang doesn’t know they are in breach of copyright. ‘The Dogs’ name has already been taken by a much more psychopathic bunch. But they’re old men now though and not likely to do anything about it.


An ongoing item of graffitti from way back yonder.  They are sort of like the Sticks of the hood world.  Old and stuck in the past but still making their presence known.

Up The Oglaigh na hEireann. The acronym is widely used because the Irish language is really hard to write when you’re on heroin.

Village Team On Tour, not the total Volume of Equilibration; as can be easily confused. Made famous recently by a group of boys taking it in turns to hold a baseball bat – proving that nobody in Belfast is taken seriously until a balaclava is produced.

We Are The People. This is frequently cited by persons suffering from delirium.  They are best avoided.