BEING a tomboy, girl stuff was always alien to me.  Make-up was never worn in my house, given that it was populated by men and a hardcore catholic mother who did not inspire body confidence or cosmetic flair.

The only make-up I had was a wee set my granny Carson bought me for my thirteenth birthday.  But teenage girls in the 90’s were very confused in their identities.  One of my mates doubled her black eye liner as a lip liner and used foundation to tone it down. She wasn’t even a Goth. That’s the type of clueless horror I’m talking about.

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Then along came the Spice Girls and they fixed our wagons. Marie Clare from Poleglass was ginger, so she had no other choice but to be our Geri Halliwell. My pasty white mate Danielle from the Whiterock paid hundreds to get her bap done in Scary Spice style afro extensions. Our school teacher said it would have been cheaper to set a light to her normal hair. Louise from Beechmount was always miserable, so she was our posh.

Being blonde and the youngest in our posse, I thought I was Baby Spice. The trouble was my vast array of make-up being this here.

How the hell was I supposed to look like Emma Bunton and get into the DC with this flipping thing in my handbag?

There were no YouTube contouring tutorials in those days and my sad effort of looking older was more like a toddler let loose at Boots make-up counter.

Today’s teenage girls don’t go through the ugly and awkward phase we endured. They go straight to pretty and intimidating.  It’s just not fair.  The amount of cosmetics available to them is endless.  They have access to every product under the sun, some even make it their hobby to test them and inform others.

One such girly girl is Dolls House Journal. We come from the same part of Belfast although we’ve never met. I’m living the high life in Turf Lodge and she’s slumming it in Dubai, posing beside yachts and the like. I’ve been following her since I starting this blog and she’s given me the confidence to experiment with make-up and beauty products in a less is more kind of way.This year, I’ve invested much more time in my appearance.  I wear more dresses but still have an inner tomboy.


I love Christine’s Outfit Of The Day #OOTD feature. I’d never get away with it myself but she’s done well to encourage my body confidence and start taking more of an interest in make-up and fashion.  She says she’s embarrassed doing them and gets her Ma to take the pictures.

Gradually my own make-up box has extended to become one of those flight cases. I love the smell of it before going out for the night, blasting the music channels while waiting on my Velcro rollers working their magic. Finally I enjoy the stuff girls do in preparation for heading out.

And in keeping with my earlier best Mummy promise, The Emo and I are going to be bonding by hitting up Freedom Makeup and going halfer’s on loads of new products.