HER hard Scottish accent has arrived in Westminster and made politics shows much more bearable. With her maiden speech in the House of Commons being viewed by over 10 Million people – Ms Black has proved a hit with the internet generation. The expose of her old tweets showed her to be like any normal teenager.

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Image credit: Getty
Gerry Carroll isn’t adverse to effing and blinding on his social media account. But any other politician over the age of 30 would be pulled in front of the press office and told to wind their necks in. Not Carroll or Black. Because letting rip at what everyone else is pissed off at is what attracts the youth.  Is politics the new punk?

Image credit: Indymedia
Image credit: Indymedia
The formula of street talk on social media and eloquence in the chamber seems to be working.

Facebook has been a major factor with his council election success and if he stands, Gerry Carroll is guaranteed to take a seat in Stormont.

Having the controversial Glassmullin and Casement Residents on his side, he didn’t have much of a chance of unseating Paul Maskey in the Westminster elections but he did cause a rumble in West Belfast. If old foes; the Andytown News and Slugger are predicting him to take an Assembly seat – it’s a cert to happen.

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For the first timers and protest voters – everything he does is on fleek. Although it’s been two months since the election poster removal deadline and he’s still got a poster at the top of the Whiterock Road so maybe he’s starting early for 5th May 2016. This date in particular is always good for Sinn Fein to keep seats because it will be the 35th anniversary of Bobby Sands’ death. Carroll wasn’t even born during the Hunger Strikes and will be relying on the future focused electorate to see him through.

Between them – in the short space of being elected; Carroll and Black have already made enemies.

Calling her a ‘foul mouthed little slut‘, Historian Jill Stevenson did little to make a dent in Black’s profile. If anything, it raised it because foul mouthed sluts and girl power are back in fashion.

Jim McVeigh is definitely not a fan of Carroll. The feeling may be mutual as Carroll entered Belfast City Council elected by the people and McVeigh entered on a co-opted ticket awarded by his party.

This video circulated by The Felons shows McVeigh in full force and at times he attempts to bully Carroll. But with this food hygiene rating, you’d think The Felons would have their marigolds on cleaning their kitchen instead of watching the Belfast City Council live stream. But that’s none of my business.

Black and Carroll could be like clones. Both became politically prominent during the Iraq war protests, they have a fire and brimstone approach to speech making and rely very much on bread and butter issues. In some cases, their constituents have to literally choose between buying bread or butter – something the pro austerity parties have overlooked to their own detriment.