IT’s not often that the skinhead and I both have a Saturday off work. We knew we wanted to go somewhere and like most couples our decision making began with “I don’t know, where do you want to go?” And so on.

The postman saved the day by delivering a letter calling me to an interview in Newtownards. We’ve only been there once so decided we should head over and skulk the place out so I knew where I’d be going nearer the time.

When we were there we went into the dullest shopping centre in the world. If I was left with Ards Shopping Centre to get all my bits and bobs, I’d move. Seriously, it’s crap inside and out. From the car park, Scrabo Tower is clearly visible.

From my back garden in West Belfast, I can see Scrabo Tower too. So decided today to go up and reverse the view.

As usual, the rain made an appearance and we stayed in the car for half an hour. Then the sun came out and we went for a dander. A dander of uphill right angles in inappropriate footwear. I’m a townie and will never become accustomed to the countryside.

  Nope. Not happening.

 To the normal eye, this looks like a slight hill. To the unfit desk worker – it’s an assault on the lungs and calves.

What not to wear walking up a mountain.

The view of Strangford Lough from halfway up. Catching my breath and taking pictures is what I do.

The reverse view I was looking for. I cannot see into my back garden. In behind those rolling hills is the city of Belfast. We could just about make out the Harland & Wolff cranes and Belfast City Hospital.

Scrabo Tower was closed. It was very boring anyway. It had a plaque about the Marquis of Londonderry. The writing was worn away so I need to go and read up on why the tower is here and what it was used for. The signage wasn’t very helpful.

The skinhead enjoying the view of Newtownards. I don’t do heights, edges or cliffs – they just scare the bejesus out of me. He said it’s a steep drop over the edge. If I had have known that, I’d have given him a boot up the arse. Only joking, he worth more to me alive.

I see you….

Homeward bound, Scrabo Tower looking lovely with the obligatory fleg to tell strangers whose area they are in.

We ended the day by buying some new Comber potatoes from the nearby village greengrocers. You can’t get more fresh that that.