Image: Screengrab of some maniac hiding in bushes watching squatting dogs



A long time ago, before social media came along – people used to take their gripes to the local newspaper.  These days the action is reversed.  People will upload a ranty type status or a blog (in my case) and then the local newspaper contacts them depending on number of fucks people give (also known as the public interest test).  The best type of story is when someone is seething angry.  A normal person will comfort the angry person but a reporter will see them as an opportunity. 

Having cut my teeth and wound up a few ‘community activists’ up in Teach Basil, I found that the hardest part of the job was establishing whether or not the source was legit and then convincing them to get their photo taken.  Everybody knows, no photo – no story. 

Now, if you’re a westie then you’ll be all too familiar with what’s commonly known as ‘Andytown News Face’. 

Regular caller to the paper kneeling and pointing

Councillors blame council for not fining lazy tramps

Bringing your story to the paper will result in you having to do ‘the face’ – but in the majority of cases, the outcome is always in favour of the complainant.  No matter what your complaint is, some people will feel sorry for you and others will be forthcoming with ridicule.  The worst that can happen is you’ll end up on Nolan.

The reason this paper is so popular is because of the never ending stream of yaps slabbering about statutory bodies and generally wanting to be waited on hand and foot.  It’s a constant source of entertainment. 

If I’m in a different city, I buy the local paper.  Just to see if we in West Belfast have the same social problems.  Aside from ‘sleb gossip, the Liverpool Echo and Manchester Evening News are good for it.

Now imagine if there was a website that gathered all these yaps together with some witty commentary.

This dream has came true and has existed for quite some time.  It’s just that Youngcarson only became aware of it recently.

Just to brighten up your day, here it is.