WE took the Emo and her mate over for a spin with the intention of going to Planet Fun.

But we arrived an hour past the funfair closing time and ended up getting the two of them an ice cream and a dander along the harbour. This wasn’t much fun for the two of them but they did enjoy throwing foam in each other’s faces from the dirty fountain. It must be rubbish craic for teens in Bangor. So little to do, once you’ve emptied a bottle of fairy up liquid in the fountain – there’s nowt much else.

But the Skinhead and I thought it was nice. This part of Bangor is heaving with loud families on sunny days, by night it’s rammed with pensioners arm in arm and speaking softly while enjoying post dinner strolls. Then there was us, the disfunctional family on patrol eating pokes.

Here’s some pictures.

I thought this was mildly interesting. A Mini Countryman private taxi from Dundee was parked beside us.