THE skinhead and I went for another one of our evening walks. We’re running out of ideas and went back to Crawfordsburn.

It was a gorgeous night and the lower car park was packed.

We got onto the beach and realised why. 

When we were leaving we spied the cult mobile. The mini bus in the car park showed they were from the Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle. Pastor McConnell’s crew. Trust us to bump into those rockets.

We had a wee laugh in the car, we couldn’t believe how many of them there were; all clapping and singing when one of them was immersed in Belfast Lough. Not my cup of tea at all.

I always thought there were special pools behind the pulpit for that carry on, like you see on TV.

Here’s some pictures I took. Some fella doesn’t look too happy.

I had a wee look on their website to see if there was any mention of their baptism ceremonies, but there was nothing there. Their beliefs aren’t too far off catholicism. I think I’ll stick to the humanism though.