THERE was terror in the skies last night as dozens of holiday makers made the return journey to Belfast from Majorca.  Most of the 141 passengers onboard Flight LS362 had been enjoying a family holiday in Santa Ponsa and were looking forward to getting their children back to school.

The plane was still making its ascent when a male cabin crew member made his way down the plane and told passengers that the aircraft was experiencing loss of cabin pressure and that the captain was preparing for an emergency landing in Alicante Airport.

It is understood that the seal of the front door had came loose and was creating a ‘whooshing’ sound.

The captain told frightened passengers that he had to stay below 12,000 feet so that cabin pressure could stabilise.  He then said that the plane was circling Spanish airspace and dumping fuel so that the flight could land safely.

Cabin crew continued to serve drinks and snacks.  Some passengers complained because they were charged 6 Euros for two small bottles of water.  They felt that the water should have been complimentary given the circumstances.

During the circling and fuel dumping, the plane was caught in two serious bouts of turbulence.  Passengers could see fork lightning on both sides of the plane as it struggled to fly through a storm.  Women were screaming and children were crying for parents whom were seated away from them.  Anxious passengers asked the crew for updates on what would happen during the emergency landing and alternative transport to Belfast.

Flight LS362 landed safely at Alicante Airport at 2115hrs.  Two buses were waiting to bring the shaken passengers to another aircraft and the flight landed at Belfast International Airport at 0135hrs.

The flight data can be viewed here