banksy butterfly girlAFTER years of relative quiet – West Belfast has fully imploded into insanity again.

Small scale feuds have been erupting left right and centre between former friends.  Nobody has a fair dig any more. House parties descend into chaos with people savagely beating each other instead of just having a row and not speaking for ten years.

At around 6pm last night when normal people were sitting down to dinner and about to be depressed by the antics of their elected representatives – a stabbing incident occurred in Poleglass. The night before, a woman was stabbed in Lenadoon. It is not known if both incidents are related. But either way – isn’t it about time this craziness stopped?

If you need to lift a knife to prove your point – then it says you’re a small person and inept of controlling yourself in difficult circumstances.

Every evening last week, stolen cars raced up and down between Ballymurphy Road and Whiterock Leisure Centre. People leaving fitness classes and children making their way home from the swimmers were at risk of being hit.

Last night, the PSNI turned up for a change and were incapable of catching those in the cars. Older children then started directing fireworks at the police and anyone else passing the scene.

Where were the parents of these children? Who sold them the fireworks? Are the PSNI afraid to get out of their jeeps for fear of being attacked by dissidents and fear of being accused of heavy handedness?

With everyone and their granny having a camera phone, the cops are under intense scrutiny. But it says much more about the organisation when they hide inside their wagons.

Their excuse is they don’t have enough resources on the ground to effectively deal with anti social behaviour. Because police stations are practically empty and officers are busy investigating more serious crimes.

When the PSNI were playing cat and mouse on the Whiterock, a sinister group were under their very noses pumping bullets into a 25-year-old male accused of anti-social behaviour.  It has been reported that the victim of the shooting was warned in advance.

Some living outside the area condemned the attack and others aware of the victim’s alleged reputation had very little sympathy for him.

During the 80’s and 90’s, all three types of anti-community behaviour were sorted out by knocks on the door and firm words of discouragement. From my recollection, it was only when someone failed to cease and desist that bullets were used. It was how we learned to have only one common enemy – the Brits.

The uniformed British Army say they have left and Bobby Storey tells us the IRA has flown away like butterflies.  But did the army really leave? And before they flew off into the sunset, did the butterflies lay mutant eggs that developed into an infestation of maggots?