WHEN it comes to helping our own, people in West Belfast do it without question.

Anytime there’s a social injustice – we are there in solidarity and offering support.

People always say the old days were better because everyone was in the same boat – they all had nothing. But today, our family and neighbours are in danger of slipping back to those days.

People are reluctant to ask for help and nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. People are living below the breadline but are too proud to admit it.

With the rise in cost of living and an increase in job losses, families who for years had their heads above the water are in serious risk of food poverty.

That’s why we all need to do our bit and help each other out.

West Belfast’s first food bank will be opening in December. It needs another four tonnes of food before it can start giving out the parcels to people living in our locality and in need of food.

  • To donate, see the contact details below.
  • If you are a restauranteur or owner of a business and can donate a voucher, please contact Tony Meehan whose number is below.