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AYE so we went to another play last night up in the Roddies.  Me, the skinhead and his Da are becoming quite the theatre going trio.

We arrived early to get the best seats having held our tickets over.  One of the good things about knowing the people organising these plays is you can text them and tell them how many tickets you want to buy.  One of the bad things is that they will forget. As happened last night.

But, I was having none of it and promptly threw £30 on the door table, sent the skinhead to the bar and then marched down to a booth at the front.  I needed to see this play.  The reviews all week have been positive.

So the show started with balloon one of two gracing the stage in true shifty happy go lucky fashion.

Gerard Jordan and Ciaran Nolan are our Ant and Dec, a younger version of Grimes and McKee and are funnier than the two Ronnies.  The chemistry between them results in a series of beautiful friendships.  They don’t try to out do each other, both have great parts and take turns to own the stage.

Written by Mick Draine and directed by recent Aisling Award winner Tony Devlin, this play rips the piss out of everything we westies are stereotyped for.  It’s a cross between an adults pantomime and a comedy.  The language is as blue as a Nazi’s eyeballs and the craic is parful.

There’s a good song that everyone will know and have a laugh singing along to, what’s a Christmas play without a catchy ditty?

It parodies local celebrities and at times leaves the audience stifling laughs with our well known unique brand of sick humour.

It’s the first production for The Balloon Factory and it sets the tone for future plays to come.

It plays its last night tonight at 7.30 pm in the Roddies with local singer and guitarist John McCorry belting out a few tunes after the show.

Tickets are selling fast at £10 each.  Believe me, it’s well worth it.

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