YOU have to hand it to the Belfast Telegraph.  Not only do they give you a free paper with a cup of coffee, but if you ignore the religious nonsense peppered within there’s some useful articles inside it.

Their focus on education is always of particular interest to me, so I have selected the data that will be of use to you dear reader.

The issue of choosing either a Grammar or a Comprehensive post primary school for your child is always a hot topic.

Should we send our children to a grammar school if that same school accepts lower grades?

If your child is naturally bright, will they reach their full potential at a comprehensive?

Is it the uniform that parents want to show off to the neighbours as an indication of educational status even though their child didn’t actually achieve a good grade?

There are four grammar schools accessed by pupils from West Belfast. Two are in the West, one in the North and one in the South of the city.

The info graphs below show the total number of pupils enrolled in 2015 and the grades in which they achieved at transfer level.

Rathmore intake 2015St Dominics intake 2015St Malachy's intake 2015St Mary's CBG intake 2015

Grammar school intake 2015 by grade