HORDES of men have taken to social media to demand respect and undying Likes because they did what the mothers of their children do all the time without recognition.

Multiple status updates have appeared as fathers grumbled about the mothers of their children being still in bed and in a post drunk comatose state.

The Falls Road this morning looked like a major coup for Father’s For Justice as swathes of tracksuit wearing men made their way to Primary schools with their children in tow.

One man was clearly upset at not being bowed to as this blogger was strolling to work and gave her a dirty look. His yelps of “look at me, I’m brilliant” were largely ignored as she tried to focus on walking in a straight line due to still being half cut from the night before.

The children were enjoying the annual walk to school with their father and made attempts to have conversation but the fathers were too busy puffing out their chests and basking in self-glorification to notice the chatter. When asked if they would be picking them up from school, one father retorted : “nah his lazy bitch Ma will be.”