Ulster Fry merch

ALRIGHT so you know the way when normal people want jobs, they wipe all traces of their online activity and go into rehab for a few months to come out squeaky clean?

Well, as you have already discovered I am not normal and make a habit of making poorly thought out decisions to an extent where I’m a professional ballser upper.  I don’t learn from mistakes and often repeat them on a daily basis, just for the craic.  I like to laugh and take the piss, often at my own expense.

One website that has accepted one of my submissions is The Ulster Fry.  The poor buggers don’t know what they’ve let themselves in for.

Anyway, as you are all legends and will do anything for me – do me a wee favour and click on this link fifty times a day and share it on your social networks.

I can’t see this article being endorsed by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board or Belfast City Council but hopefully it will be by you.

Here’s a selection of their merchandise for all your gift needs.  Go and buy this shit or I’ll send the boys round to break your legs.