IF you’re a regular visitor to this blog then you’ll know I love going to plays.  So this time instead of doing a review, I’ll just link the whole video for you to watch instead.

Frongoch was a Welsh internment camp where some of the rebels from the 1916 Easter Rising were held.  This play was written by Kieron Magee and brilliantly performed by the actors from Commedagh Productions.

It is at this point that I must declare my bias.  The main character Desmond Ryan is none other than my baby brother Ronan.  Ronan has always been a bit of an actor, his finest talents were exaggerating his screams when I used to beat his head in.  His show man skills have only been fine tuned as he grew older.

Anyway get a cup of tea ready, fire up to full screen and enjoy the show. FRONGOCH