DO you ever pass a homeless person and wish there was something you could do for them?  Just so they’re not sitting there in the freezing cold making you feel bad for having a roof over your head?

Often you’re limited to giving them a pound or a couple of cigarettes as you go off about your business.

Belfast has an increasing number of homeless people and luckily for them, there’s an increasing number of groups and organisations willing to help them.

One such group is The Welcome Organisation.  Based in Townsend Street, homeless people can come here for something to eat, get washed, change clothes and generally chill out.

This fundraiser started out as a school reunion for my year in St Louise’s.  But then our year group remembered that none of us liked each other and it was decided to open the event up to everyone that likes to drink, dance and raise money for those less fortunate than ourselves.

The Roddy McCorley Club (where else?) has very kindly donated the Tom Williams Room for free and we decided to hit the buffet idea on the head and just give all the proceeds to the Welcome Organisation.  The tickets and posters were also printed for free by the lovely Bumper from Kolormaster.  Music will be provided by the one and only DJ Den Magic.

Geraldine Hanna and Charlene Mulhern who are the organisers of the fundraiser have been busy getting local businesses to donate raffle prizes.

The fundraiser is this Saturday night, doors open 8 – late

Tickets are £5 or you can risk it by paying at the door.

Ballots are £1 per strip and the prizes are:

  • Makeup Hamper
  • Men’s hair cut voucher
  • Meal for two in 26 West
  • Fruit Hampers donated by Clarke’s
  • Blow Dry voucher from Scissor Sisters
  • £25 voucher for TK One
  • Door blind from Decora Blinds
  • £10 Summer plant from Fairdeal Mace
  • £20 voucher for Citytan
  • 100 litres of oil from Hannastown Oil
  • £20 voucher for Blackstaff Bingo
  • £20 voucher for Jackpot Bingo
  • Voucher for Sunrooms
  • Breakfast for two at Graffiti Cafe
  • £20 meat voucher for Orrs
  • £15 voucher for Flowers by Reid
  • Voucher for the Hercules Bar
  • Voucher from A Herdman
  • Voucher from Maria Fox
  • Voucher for O’Hares
  • Voucher for Danielle Beauty Box
  • Silk hai flower hamper
  • Flowers are Us hamper from Mary Foster
  • Sunbed Minutes from Stacy Flynn