AC: Where was the clinic?

XX: I had it carried out in Marie Stopes, London. All together it cost £500 for the abortion, flights for both of us and transport to the clinic. He stayed in the nearby B&B and I was booked into the clinic for one night after the procedure and then the B&B for the second night. They advised me to stay nearby in case of any complications.

AC: What happened when you arrived?

XX: We went straight to the clinic and booked in. Then checked into the B&B. We went back to the clinic where I had a counselling session.

AC: How was your boyfriend during it all?

XX: He was supportive. The nurse scanned my stomach and asked if I wanted to see the foetus. I declined and turned away but he wanted to see. He didn’t say anything because he knew he couldn’t change my mind.

AC: What happened after that?

XX: I was scheduled in for an abortion that day. He went to the B&B until later that evening.

AC: What was it like in the clinic?

XX: There were over one hundred beds in the wing I was in. Every single bed was taken up by a woman from either Northern or Southern Ireland. It shocked me. I didn’t realise how many women were in the same position as me and had travelled over.

AC: What kind of anaesthetic did you get? Do you remember anything?

XX: I went for full knock out and woke up in the ward with the curtains drawn. There was a nurse sitting at my bedside with a cup of tea. I had my tea and fell back to sleep.

AC: Were you in any pain? How was your boyfriend after it?

XX: I was uncomfortable; it was like having strong period cramps. The second time I woke up, I was made to walk about. Partners were allowed to visit for an hour. I remember we held hands but nothing much else. Then he went back to the B&B.

AC: Did you talk to any of the women in the clinic?

XX: There was one woman that I remember vividly. She was 25 weeks pregnant. She had mental health problems and it was her third time going to the clinic after changing her mind. She disgusted me. I think there should be a certain time for when it shouldn’t be allowed.