AND he’s right. Apart from sitting about writing sonnets expressing his demons, he was way before his time and gave us some class writing to read.

Now, I hear you quote nerds cry – it was George Bernard Shaw that came up with that. But it turns out he didn’t, he borrowed it and recycled it for his own use. Very much like this data I’m about to use. Stick with me.

The 2011 census tell us there were more than 50,000 young people in Belfast. The majority live in the south and west of the city.

In Northern Ireland overall, statistics suggest that the number of children aged 16 and under is projected to increase marginally by 4% over the next 15 years from 381,000 to 398,000 children in 2023.

In terms of numbers, the child and youth population follows a traditional pattern of spatial distribution (Figure 2). The population figures reveal the Belfast area to comprise the highest overall number of youths aged between 0–24 years, with the district area immediately south-west of the Belfast also illustrating a high youth population.

I stole this from here. I’m not that boring.

So, that was in 2011. Those young people have now grown up and are looking for something to do.

They don’t need a wax seal or a pigeon to help them communicate. They’re unlikely to write poems by candle light but they will go on a Watsapp group chat and rant until the end of time about being bored ta fuck and in need of a swall. The hormones and boredom are hanging out of them. It’s turning into aggression and they need somewhere to release it.

These group chats they’re involved in are the enemy of community activists because they’re aren’t privy to what’s being said and therefore have no control over them. So when a large gathering takes place without prior warning to the police, the ‘orchestrated on social media’ line always rears its head.

Social media is impossible to regulate and the transient youth are very much aware of this. It’s the only form of rebellion they have.

What is this transient youth they’re all talking about? We didn’t have that in our day.

Transient youth is the term used for young people that move from one place to the other. That’s all. Nothing fancy. And we did have it in our day, we just moved from disco to disco.

Under 18’s raves, is that your solution?

Well it helped then, so why not now? Except the DUP want a ban on all Under 18’s being in environments where drink is sold, even if the bar is closed.  So this court case has the potential to ruin the bar trade.

Anyway.  Youth providers know that not all young people are interested in sport. The youth don’t want to go into late night youth clubs to watch DVDs or play pool. They want to drink, lumber each other against fences and settle scores with those who made sly comments under their status’ and there’s nothing wrong with that so long as it doesn’t end up in somebody getting pregnant or killed. As Pink Floyd said: Leave those kids alone.