Love what FJH is saying here, I too only do this for the craic. It’s a hobby.

Keeping An Eye On the Czar of Russia

The Slugger Digital Lunch…….how can digital journalism ever pay? was quite interesting.

Some points. The much reviled “Mainstream Media” is losing money and has not yet learned how to cope with the competition of “new media” where much content is free. Likewise those who were initially part of the online revolution have not found a way to make Digital Journalism pay.

One of the more interesting aspects of yesterdays discussion was that the much praised Huffington Post pays very little for contributions. I would add that the Leveson Inquiry has brought out that many journalists on the biggest newspapers are paid very little for freelance shift work. In the “old” and “new” Media…its an Employers Market.

Yet if the Huffington Post paid me £20 for an article, Id probably consider it a good pay day. It would be a trip to Dominos Pizzas (without waiting on two-for-one Tuesday). But of…

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