16th December is my new anniversary. It’s one full year to the day when I started caring about myself and rejecting behaviour that was detrimental to my health. Just like alcoholics celebrate their sober days with cups of tea and what have ye, I celebrate my singleness with wine, pasta and Pete Tong on in the background.

It’s not as awkward anymore when I bump into people I haven’t seen in years because word gets round quickly. Though sometimes I get touched on the arm and people whisper to me in an often patronising tone “so how are you doing anyway, like are ya alright?” Usually I start laughing and respond with all the awesome stuff I’ve been up to since leaving my past life as a wee wifey indoors. My tales leave the questioner feeling a bit shit because I’m having more fun than they are.

2016 may have been a bad year for celebrities but for me, it has been the best. That’s probably why I haven’t written very many blogs, I just can’t be arsed. I’m not sitting about the house tanked up on prozac being angry at the world as much as I used to be. Being off the meds I relied on so heavily after my friends dying was hard to withdraw from but all’s good in the hood now. Things did get better.

Here’s whats been going on this year:

  • Went on a girls holiday in September. It was an experience to say the least.  Big shout out to everyone we met in Cafe Benidorm at 5am every morning.
  • Came second in an interview for my dream job. I just need the person who got it to be knocked down by a bus or something and then I’m in there. It’s not evil, it’s ambition.
  • Me and the Emo are getting on better
  • Getting so close to the two stone weight loss
  • Started reading more books and talking less – this has been the hardest part
  • Wrote a soapbox piece for Slugger O’Toole
  • 20 Years of Lush was a great night in the SSE Arena.
  • Too many nights out that have left me waking up laughing the next morning. The love I have for Louise grows day by day.
  • I finally got Geraldine married off and I’ve never seen her happier. I may be shite at my own relationships but as a matchmaker, I’m spot on.
  • Billy and Seamus let me into their circle of trust and we made a video for a well known sponsor. I also got a mention in the Ulster Fry book. They’re signing copies in Eason’s in Belfast tomorrow at 2pm. You should go and meet them and talk to them for ages and ages, they’re two oddballs.

I’ve a few projects in the pipeline to focus on during 2017. All involve travel, work, writing and family life with a few nights out. Who knows what I’ll be writing about on 16th December 2017.