THESE headlines I’m writing are getting worse as these blogs go on.

Most bloggers go through a bit of a dry spell and tend to be unmotivated unless something really tickles their fancy.  That’s why this blog has been drier than a nuns doot the past few months.  The fancy just wasn’t being tickled.

I needed to increase my vocabulary and learn new writing techniques. So that’s why I enrolled in a creative writing class funded by the John Hewitt Society.  It meant being out of my pit and hanging about the Falls Road library for 10am on a Saturday morning but it had to be done.  The John Hewitt Society was running creative writing groups in libraries all over Belfast.

I found that writing creatively each week reflected my moods.  Some weeks I was happy and other times I went on mad downers.  It turned into a strange counselling session and I was able to write about subjects I’d previously kept to myself.  Obviously it will go unpublished because I’ll probably end up in court but it helped to get it out and break this dry spell.

Luckily for me, the course tutor was a sound bastard and poetman named Nathaniel Joseph McAuley.  Apparently he’s big in the Belfast literary world.  I wasn’t googling him, honest.

Myself and three other students Lucy, Paddy and Stephen; were the only ones to stick it out.  There was one really annoying woman who turned up half cut the first week.  Not only did she arrive late, reeking of drink but she kept shouting stupid stuff and generally made me hit a redner for her.  She didn’t come back and nobody missed her. Absolute melter from the west.  Hope she’s not reading this or I’ll have to go into hiding for the tenth time.

The course finished last week with a book reading by the lovely Lucy Caldwell over in the Titanic Building where all of the course participants met and received signed copies of her book.

But me and my three new writing mates have decided to keep meeting every Saturday for coffee and writing practice.  I always love finding new friends, especially ones with a common interest.  This week we rocked up to the cafe of the Linen Hall Library and got our heads down using some writing prompts.  They’re in the blogs coming up.