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Human Rights group ‘PPR’ are to protest against benefit sanctions at noon on Monday 8th May at the Andersonstown Jobs and Benefits Office.

You can get a lift to the protest from outside the PPR offices as long as you’re there for 11am.  Everyone else is asked to be at Andersonstown Jobs and Benefits Office for 12pm.

If you are afraid of being sanctioned for attending the protest, the R2W group will be giving out I Daniel Blake masks.

To confirm your attendance, click here

Right to Work: Right to Welfare (R2W) Group are a group of unemployed people who have been campaigning since 2012 for the creation of real jobs and for protections in the social security system.

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205 Social Security Decision Makers have the power to make potentially devastating decisions over 364,000 local social security claims.

Last year alone over 11,230 decisions were made to cut Employment Support Allowance from vulnerable people. Half of all Employment Support Allowance claimants have a mental health condition.

The United Nations has said that the Work Capability Assessment for Employment Support Allowance causes people’s mental health ‘to severely deteriorate’.

Sanctions stop every penny.

In a 3 month period last year an average of 942 sanctions a month were imposed on JSA claimants.

Over 5000 sanctions have been imposed on Steps 2 Success participants since October 2014.

Over 70% of these were for failure to attend an interview.

In 2016/17 32,780 people including 13,717 children had to rely on food banks, an increase of over 7000 on the previous year.

The National Audit Office has found no evidence that benefit sanctions work. The Peoples Proposal for basic due process and mandatory impact assessments can change that.