They hailed it as the new Euro Tunnel – linking two great countries via a train under the sea.  But to be honest, it doesn’t even need a train or a car tunnel.  I could have walked this.  Twelve miles with my headphones in and wearing my lemon hoodie, I’d be in Scotland in no time.

Twenty years ago you could have never imagined this.  But with the border poll and the second Indy Ref results showing favour of staying in Europe but leaving the United Kingdom, we’ve changed the infrastructural map of Europe.

Fair enough there’s not much to see in either County Antrim or Campbeltown but the road network around it makes it possible to work, live and travel between one country to another in a single day.  Not to mention the gorgeous scenery, it must be the most beautiful commute when you come up above water.  The Scottish and Irish coast roads are without doubt the nicest in Europe…..

28th May 2017

Falls Library Creative Writer’s Group

15 minutes writing time.  Each of us had to write three items and one location on pieces of paper and rolled them into balls.  Then we picked them out and that was our words we had to work from.  Very enjoyable exercise to get the brain working. Nerdy though.