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8 thoughts on “Assault

  1. I wish they would come up with something other than “Like this”. It would be better to have something like “appreciate ya”, or “This is f’ed up.” Anyway, I liked reading what I could of it, and who would have that someone could have been attacked in the Falls? Bad form, I know. But that’s kinda my thing.


      1. I rang a prominent community worker in Divis and he told me e wanted nothing to do with the story. Said it was the guys own mates that beat him. The family would neither confirm nor deny. Sorry for the missing words, that’s my crappy half assed scanning. The end bit relates to a car crash where two young people died. The speeding car they were in rammed the taxi the guy was in. His mother told me he had to learn to walk and dress himself again. Then the assault happened. Bad craic that!



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