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Who does yer woman think she is?

I’VE been told that this blog is popular because I tell you things that would otherwise be swept under the carpet by our leading local media. I do this in my spare time and don’t get paid. Seriously – who would be insane enough to buy my ramblings?

People I regarded as friends (ok I have no friends – more like, people I say hello to) are now starting to ignore me in public because they don’t like what I do.  In a way it kind of encourages me even more. 

Since October 2013 when I started writing again, I’ve been accused of being a dizzie and a provie lick. You really can’t win. The fact is – I’m neither.

I just see things from my own perspective and put them into words. I don’t ask permission from whom I write and I don’t write about the stuff people send me (that’s PR – this is professional shit stirring).

Sometimes my grammar reeks and sometimes I can’t be bothered spell checking.  Look up lazy journalist in the dictionary and you’ll probably see my photo.

Some agree with what I say and some go buck mad calling me all sorts. They want me to join them on Facebook and Twitter in my pen name and scrap it out. It’s not my style. I prefer to hit and run and lie in bed cackling at how many people I’ve wound up.

If I spot something of public interest and it keeps my attention for 500 words – then I’ll let you know.

I do not give my entire support to one political party either. That’s what Press Officer’s are.

For some reason, this blog is frequently shared on social media by RNU (Republican Network For Unity) and to be honest – I’m shitting the bricks. Guys and dolls – any chance you could stop endorsing what I say? I don’t want barred from the Roddies and I don’t want my house raided because it would mean I would have to constantly keep it clean as I await the door flying down the hallway.

It’s been shared twice by the balloons that are the Protestant Coalition. Another bunch of yahoos I don’t wish to be associated with.

Thanks for the love, dirty looks and death threats.

Peace out mofo’s



3 thoughts on “Who does yer woman think she is?

  1. Sooner or later, we become too famous.
    In the early days it was presumed by Alliance folks on Slugger that I was Brian Feeney and it took me a year to get around to saying that I wasnt.
    In the days before I joined the SDLP, one of their staffers was accused of being me.
    Mostly its a bit like being the Wizard of Oz…people seem to be disappointed.

    Keep annoying people.



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